On January 17th 2016 the Druze Community Charity of victoria had their Annual General Meeting and On behalf of the Druze Community Charity of Victoria I Nizar El Hajj would like to introduce the Executive Committee of 2016.
We as a committee are committed to bring family and social unity to our community. We have a plan to complete the construction of the Druze Community Centre in Victoria and build a working relationship with other communities and government and non-government organizations.
Please meet the 2016 Executive Committee Below:
President: Nizar EL HAJJ 0431722642
Vice President: Nizar Ashkar 0434540404
Secretary: Lisa Nasereddine 0411601122
Assistant Secretary: Akram Kamar 0416231815
Treasurer: Fadi Noureddine 0400038099
Assistant Treasurer: Amir Bou-Karroum 0403323890
Event Coordinator: Ruby Zahalan 0410425558
Grants : Nazira Malaeb 0401205899
General Member: Wael Rachid 0438571969

Thank you, we look forward to a long and productive relationship together.
Nizar El Hajj
Druze Community of Victoria